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About Us

Made With Mischief develops rebellious software for your creative side.  We are dedicated to making simple, creative tools that inspire your inner artist.

We believe that great software should be invisible to the user. There are times when sophisticated tools and interfaces enhance your productivity - but there are also times when they get in the way. We want our applications to be the ones you go to when you just want to explore new ideas, to lose yourself and let your creativity take over.

We created Mischief because we believe that drawing with a computer can be as fun and powerful as drawing with pencil and paper. We believe that digital drawing shouldn’t require compromises; you don’t have to choose between pixels and vectors. With Mischief, you just open the application and start drawing.

As of November 13, 2014 Made With Mischief Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foundry, with team members based globally.

We have stopped active development on Mischief, however our team continues to explore related technologies. We continue to be inspired by the artwork created by the Mischief community and we invite you to participate in our Foundry community.

By The Foundry