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Star in the Mischief Christmas Story

Blog Created 3 years ago

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Who doesn't love a Christmas Story?

Whether it's a movie, a picture, or a book, there is something about a Christmas Story that makes us feel all kinds of festive! We also love how Christmas stories show the writer, creator or artist's spirit of the season. Not one Christmas story is the same ... 

So, what if we could create a Mischief Christmas Story? A compilation of #madewithmischief Christmas artwork that captures YOUR Christmas spirit ... well, that's exactly what we'd love to do! 

Draw a Christmas scene using Mischief and we will compile all of the submissions into a Mischief Christmas Story Video for you to show and share with your family, friends and loved ones!

Want to be a part of the Mischief Christmas Story? All you need to do is upload your #madewithmischief Christmas art submission, along with the Mischief .Art file, with the hashtag #MISCHRISTMAS to the Community Gallery by Monday December 13th 2015. The Mischief Christmas Story video will then feature in our December Newsletter and will be shared on our Social Media channels.

Remember, all entries must be submitted to our Community Gallery with the hashtag #MISCHRISTMAS. In need of some inspiration? We've created a Christmas Pinterest board here for some festive ideas!

Want to be involved but don't have Mischief? Download Mischief Free or Mischief Full Trial, set up your Community Gallery account and start creating your Mischief Christmas art! 

Happy Sketching!

The Mischief Team

*Click here for full terms and conditions. Once we receive your Mischief Christmas Story submission and .Art file we will contact you directly to request permission to use this submission in the Mischief Christmas Story video.

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