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First Look: Chris Hadfield's It's Not Rocket Science

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Have you heard of Chris Hadfield, the guitar playing, singing astronaut? 

Apart from his musical talents, Chris Hadfield is also the first Canadian to walk in space and helped build the Canadarm2 in orbit. He has even appeared on Canadian currency and stamps. It's fair to say, Chris is pretty awesome.

For his next mission, Chris will be teaching us all about science and space, in his new comedy animation It's Not Rocket Science. The ten-part series sees Cmdr Hadfield and his space pug Albert educate viewers of all ages through science anecdotes and humorous narrative. Each episode will tackle a topical or misunderstood subject, including vaccines and climate change, as the intrepid duo traverse the skies in their very own Hadfield space pod. It’s Not Rocket Science is animated by Dan "DC" Turner and Tracy King, the team behind the viral sensation 'Tim Minchin’s Storm’.

In the development phase, Dan used Mischief for all of the character concept drawings, for the animation storyboarding, mind mapping of ideas and music planning for the series. 

Watch the Session:

Chris Hadfield, animator Dan "DC" Turner, and writer Tracy King chat to The Foundry’s Dan Ring about their brand new comedy animated series It's Not Rocket Science, co-hosted by Made with Mischief. Download Mischief for Free here.


Chris Hadfield

With a 35-year career as a military pilot and astronaut coming to an end, Chris Hadfield garnered global attention and an enthusiastic following (we’re talking over one million Twitter followers) by regularly posting on social media while acting as commander of the International Space Station on his last mission in 2013. Now he’s the author of two bestselling books that have shown us the earth in breaktaking photographs and taught us some useful tips for living in space, such as why you’d choose to eat tortillas over bread (they don’t leave crumbs). It’s Not Rocket Science is his latest venture.

DC Turner

Dan ‘DC’ Turner does a lot of things. He illustrates, animates, directs, is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, and codes in several languages. Dan worked on the animated version of Tim Minchin’s Storm in early 2009 after a chance meeting with Tim in a pub. His first project post-Storm was directing and animating the cutscenes for the Dreamworks videogame Puss in Boots, followed by several educational science cartoons for which he also composed and performed the soundtracks. 

Tracy King

Tracy King is a writer, producer and science populariser. Before turning to animation, she ran a successful marketing and PR company, during which time she created major science and critical-thinking events and had an early viral video success with her marketing campaign for Prof. Richard Wiseman’s book Quirkology. Tracy worked alongside DC on Tim Minchin’s Storm and—following its success—they founded a small London studio, kershoot.com, to make animations, videogames and music.

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