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Tips & Tricks: Gesture Drawing

Blog Created 3 years ago

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In the first of our #DrawWithMischief tutorial series, LA based artist Carly Sanker shows you how to create gestures.

When starting a life drawing or character, gestures are a really important part to focus on in the beginning to build on the emotion and expression you want to convey. Carly gives her industry insider tips and makes the process of drawing gestures a bit easier to master.

 Carly Sanker's Top 5 Tips for Drawing Gestures...

1. Always create the full body pose before you start to build the facial expression
2. Drawing a straight line down the face and a line down the body will help give your figure or character a sense of direction and movement
3. Don't be afraid to be free and draw whatever you want on the one pose - it will help you with the final drawing details
4. Similarly, don't overlook the areas of the pose you may want to define later ... stay in the mode of mass refining!
5. Lastly, add shading and highlighting to your figure pose to really create a value composition


 A little bit about Carly Sanker ...
Carly Sanker is an LA-based artist and designer. 

She works in several fields including scientific visualization, fashion design, product design, and video game development. Sanker is also MIT's first Artist in Residence within the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. 

Sanker’s artwork has been featured on covers, in articles and in interviews within ImagineFX, Science, Advanced Materials, online by the National Science Foundation, and in Apple's iBook store within E. O. Wilson's: Life on Earth. 

Some of Sanker’s past clients and employers include Harmonix Music Systems, Digizyme, Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Underarmour, and Marvel Animation Studios. In her free time she studies Brazilian jiu-jitsu, reads graphic novels, plays League of Legends and enjoys Korean cuisine. Sanker is currently creating her first interactive graphic novel.

Check out Carly's profile on the Mischief Community Gallery here.

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    Likeanfish October 30, 2015 at 20:45

    Thanks for the tutorial! Great help for beginner!

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