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May Mischief Challenge

Blog Created 4 years ago

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The Magic of Mischief...

Often we have the pleasure of receiving tweets, mentions and reviews from artists referring to their experience with Mischief as ‘Magic’. The infinite canvas, the 50 trillion to one zoom, and replication of drawing with pen and paper all enhance the drawing aspects with Mischief...and ultimately is the Magical experience artists refer to! 

For this month we decided to give you guys a fun challenge of drawing your own interpretation of Magic in Mischief! Sketch and create anything from a traditional magical scene to the subjectively mythical - we were inspired by ChrisM’s Mischief World Book Day Challenge piece, a powerful interpretation of a sorcery scene from Lord of the Rings when Gandalf faces off against a Balrog.

Need inspiration?

We've created a Pinterest board for you to gather inspirations and ideas about what to create. Check it out here. 

And a reminder on the prize...

The May Mischief Magic Challenge winner will receive a notebook personalised with their winning artwork and will be in with a chance to win a Wacom Cintiq® Companion at the end of December! For full T&Cs, click here.

Download Mischief or Mischief Free and join the Community Gallery! Submissions must be uploaded to the Community Gallery and must contain #MischiefMagic and #MayChallenge in your description.

Get sketching some #MischiefMagic!

The Mischief Team

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    HobbitViolante May 19, 2015 at 22:01

    which is the last day to deliver the art?
    what format we need to send you de finally art?

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    Adri May 06, 2015 at 17:45

    Awesome challenge!!

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