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Round Up of Mischief Daily Winners 11th to 15th May

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#MischiefDaily: A Round Up

You may or may not have noticed that every day we choose our favorite artwork from the Community Gallery for our #MischiefDaily posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In their own words, find out what inspired the artists to create the magical artwork we posted from May 11th to 15th.

Adri "#Steampunkit"

“I love Leonardo da Vinci anatomical pencil sketches, they are detailed with a lot of notes included that no one can actual read.  His drawings gave me the overall idea of what I want to achieve.  HG Wells Time machine was also an inspiration.   The hart is the engine of the body and steampunk is the fantasy where steam engines feature , so it was just clear to me to steampunk a human heart and skeleton.

I used only Mischief to draw this picture.  I like to start with something and then add and add more details as this is very well allowed by Mischief. You can Zoom in and add more details as you continue, the possibilities are endless. Looking forward to start with the next challenge!!”

Animuse "Squish"

"This is the first piece that I created just after purchasing Mischief, and I noticed that my profile page was pretty bare so felt I had to fix that! For the art, I felt having someone looking through the monitor at you would be a fun idea. Having the layers option opened up helped a ton, I made a quick transparent sketch on one layer then on two other layers fleshed out the final. Being able to zoom in as much as you want is SUCH a great feature! I used a Yiynova MP19U tablet monitor, which at first was not registering pressure sensitivity (I never got it to work in trial), and there aren't any options to adjust via Mischief, but I putzed around in my computer settings and got it to work ;)"

aviehudson "Leebo DJ"

“For this draw I just use a black and white photo of my favorite model as reference. I usually draw him, I love that picture, and the beautiful mischief pencil was perfect for sketching him!”


So, there is always an interesting story behind a painting! We want to keep showcasing your artwork and inspirations so make sure to join the Community Gallery and start uploading your Mischief! 


The Mischief Team

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