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Steampunk-it Winner

Blog Created 4 years ago

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Each month, we challenge artists to create and submit a piece against a theme using Mischief or Mischief Free.  For April, our theme was the popular sci-fi subgenre STEAMPUNK and we asked the community:

"Can you surpise us and 'steampunk' something that we  didn't expect?"

We thought this one was going to be tough with all the details, gadgetry, gears and period-apparel that typify the genre, but that just wasn't the case as we received amazing submissions. To see all of the submissions, just click here #Steampunkit.

The Winner...


We were blown away by Bezerker75's submission.  Not only was it something that surprised us, it's also amazingly executed with excellent attention to detail, great mood, and, most importantly, made us laugh. This was Bezerker75's first post on the Mischief community.

Bezerker75 - "Not quite finished with this one but wanted to get something in for the challenge. I have mostly worked on the face. hat and goggles...needs a lot more work to be considered done. But I had fun doing it!" 

Close up 

Steampunk Favorites

With so much variety from this month's entries, it wasn't easy picking this month's winner.  Here are some of our favorites that deserve honorable mention and demonstrate the amazing diversity of ideas and creativity.


By NatoGomes - "Steampunk machine draining a tree to death."


#steampunkit by Adri

By Adri - "Anatomy of a human engine"


Steampunk Jetski

By TB - "First try on mischief. that was fun!"


Catch me if you can

By Matohan - "Steam punk inspired..."


The Flying Machine 

By Szieser - "Steampunk ornithopter piloted by a plucky mouse."


Miss Strombola

By Chamalo - "Sur le thème de l'univers Steampunk."


May Challenge

If you are ready for the next one, we've posted the next theme.  Find out more by just clicking HERE.

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