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"The technology is impressive, but it's the app's usability that shines." -Mac Format ★★★★★

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Mac Format recently reviewed Mischief 2.0, giving us a stellar 5 out of 5 stars!

Here’s what they had to say:

“Mischief may not be as well known in digital-painting circles as Adobe or Corel but, that’s about to change. What sets it apart from similar apps such as Painter or Sketchbook Pro is its infinite canvas. Artwork is no longer restricted to a landscape or portrait orientation, or a set size resolution. You can work at any size and zoom in and out with its ‘trillion times zoom’ without your artwork losing quality or lines becoming pixelated…”


“When looked at with a critical eye, Mischief may seem like an inferior product as at the time fo writing this it costs less than both Corel Painter Lite an SketchBook Pro…However this doesn’t take into account the pure enjoyment you get from using it… Mischief is so simple and fun, it’s like using your favorite notebook and pen…”

“…If you’ve used Adobe Ideas you’ll have an idea of how Mischief works. The technology is impressive, but it’s the app’s suability that shines…”

“…One of the most enjoyable pure drawing experiences on the Mac.”

Grab a copy of Mac Format to see the full article: http://macformat.techradar.com

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