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#TimeTravel Winner: August Mischief Challenge

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The final of our Mischief Monthly Challenge really showcased the skill and talent of our Community Artists.

The theme? #TIMETRAVEL, inspired by luisdiaz's stunning "Night Beat" drawing of a gritty early 20th century cityscape.

As always, we asked the community to push the boundaries and, being the last challenge, the community certainly did just that. Through the imagination of Mischief artists, we've been transported from the prehistoric times through to the 21st century, and also experienced what it would be like to have a time travelling malfunction! We've also received some unique interpretations which certainly provide an alternate view of the #TIMETRAVEL concept.

Some of our favorite entries included:

"Time travelers" by Jeshoo

In the artist's own words "Time travelers in modern day Moscow. Oh, and Professor Woland with his curiously large black cat"


"Back in time to J5" by shonniboo

In the artist's own words "My favorite person ever is Michael Jackson, so in honor of his birthday month I went back in time to a performance of theirs to celebrate! Has sort of a comic book feel to it and I wanted to show all aspects of the trip!"


"30's, here I come! Oops..." by Elie

In the artist's own words "A slight touch of color for a change... :)"


"TimeCommuters" by pacorocha

In the artist's own words "First time I saw Mischief I thought: such a cool soft to let flow the ideas! ... You can let your character run along your background!!! So I tried to explore what I consider it would be a really successful business of time travelling ( I don´t want to spoiler my own comic) :)"


"Wrong Place at Wrong Time" by Daniel_Aubert

In the artist's own words: "#TIMETRAVEL Sometimes when you use the time machine you're just unlucky..."


 "The Time Tourist" by PJMitchell

In the artist's own words "A time travelling tourist using a selfie stick, need I say more!!"


It was very difficult to choose the winner, but the detail of Merdet's "The Happy Accident of Time Travel" based on Baroque artist Fragonard's "The Swing" shows an original interpretation of a Masterpiece. Can you spot the Astronaut?! 

In the artist's own words "My submission for the monthly challenge! I love art history and, if I could travel back in time, I would want to meet some of the better known Baroque/Rococo artists. For anyone unfamiliar with the piece, this is based on Fragonard's The Swing (or The Happy Accidents of the Swing), 1767."


Congratulations Merdet! Along with all the other Challenge Winners, you will be in the draw to win a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2! The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced in the October Newsletter.

Stay tuned to find out!

The Mischief Team

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