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Essential tools with an infinite canvas, perfect for hashing out ideas and endless doodles!

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The full experience with more presets, a full color palette, layers, and export to PSD files.

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Try before you buy. Experience the feel of the full version and how it fits into your creative process!

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System Requirements Mac OS X 10.8 or above
Windows 7 or Windows 8
100 MB hard disk space
Minimum 1024x720 screen resolution
OpenGL 2.0 or greater is required -- You can also test-drive with Mischief-Free or the Full 15-day trial.
Graphics Pen Tablets Mischief is designed for stylus-interaction. For optimal drawing experience, use with a pressure-sensitive graphic pen tablet .
Tested and Recommended: Wacom Pen Tablets (including multi-touch support).
For all other unsupported peripheral tablets for Mac and Windows, please try them with Mischief-Free before purchase.
Windows Tablets Mischief has been tested on Windows Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3.
For all other Windows Tablets, we recommend trying Mischief-Free before buying the full version.



Infinite Canvas img img
Small File Size img img
Brush Palette* (Mischief-Free Limited to Three Brushes) img img
Window Opacity img img
Import Image img img
Export PNG and JPEG Images img img
Dock Favorite Brushes img img
Custom Color Swatches img img
Pins & Export Pin Thumbnails img img
Layers img img
Backgrounds and Papers img img
Export PSD with Layers img img

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